Sustainability at The Spa Hotel

We have undertaken a grand commitment to increase the sustainability throughout the hotel and encouraged new eco-friendly initiatives.


- Plastic straws have been replaced by compostable, paper options. 
- Our branded glass Spa Hotel water bottles are in rooms in place of the single use plastic bottles. 
- Our bedroom toiletries have been swapped form single use amenities to EU Eco-label mark of quality Doy Packs. 
- Conventional lighting is being replaced with LED across the site.
- Our Chefs use produce throughout the year from local suppliers.

- In 2020 we introduced ‘Two Farmers’ (founded by farmers Mark Green & Sean Mason) crisps as our newest brand on the Spa bar. They taste DELISH (award winning small batch, hand cooked spuds will do that!) and they are the first crisp brand in the UK to launch a 100% compostable bag. Cooked, stored and packed using renewable energy where possible on their​ farm too. 
- Our vegetarian and vegan menu was also introduced last year which is available to all diners.