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The Gins

Passion Fruit Fizz - £6.25
Passionfruit Boe Gin, Orange Juice, Lemonade, Orange Slice

The Belle - £6.50
Beefeater Orange Gin, Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade or Lemon Tonic

Orange Elder Zest - £4.75
Elderflower Edinburgh Gin , Lemonade, Lemon

Gin Med - £6.25
Gin Mare, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, Lemon

Lemon Top - £5.25
Alfred Button Sherbert Lemon Gin, Lemonade, Lemon

Long Sloe Autumn - £4.75
Sloe Gin, Lemonade, Lemon

Over 20 Gins are available at all times including -

- Fruity
- Spicy
- Aromatic
- Violet

Gin of the Month
Why not check out our Gin of the month with your
favourite Fever Tree Tonic -
- Original
- Elderflower
- Lemon
- Ginger Beer
- Naturally Light
- Mediterranean
- Aromatic

Other Spirits - The Grins

Sidecar - £7.25
Havana 7 Rum, Cointreau, Lemon juice, Orange Peel

Appletini - £7.95
Smirnoff Vodka, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice, Appletiser, Fresh Apple

Jim and Ginger - £5.75
Jim Beam, Fever Tree Ginger Ale, Lime Wedge

Spa Sunset - £5.75
Malibu, Cranberry Juice, Lemonade

Jaffa Cake - £6.75
Baileys & Cointreau Over Ice

Bakewell Kiss - £5.75
Disaronno, Cranberry Juice, Cherries


Elderflower & Apple Spritz £4.25
Fruit Punch £4.25

Cocktail of the Month
please ask a member of staff

We have a wide range of spirits & mixers
available - please ask for more details from our
bar team who will be happy to help with your

On The Taps

Birra Moretti £4.75 (4.6% abv)
Full bodied golden lager, originates from Italy and known around the world for high quality flavour

Amstel £4.10 (4.1% abv)
Pale looking lager brewed with light pilsner malt, originates from Amsterdam Holland

Fosters £3.60 (4.0% abv)
Pale looking session lager, originating from Australia, first imported to the UK in 1971

Maltsmiths IPA £4.50 (4.6% abv)
American style IPA (Indian Pale Ale) Modern Craft Ale - a refreshing clean beer with overlying hop notes of citrus, grapefruit & tropical fruits

Guinness £4.20 (4.3% abv)
Although it looks black it is actually dark ruby. Stout which originates from Dublin, Ireland.

Strongbow Dark Fruits £4.30 (4.0% abv)
Apple cider blended with dark fruits

Strongbow Cider £4.30 (4.5% abv)
Blended with bittersweet cider apples produced in
Herefordshire, England

Theakstons Best Bitter £4.00 (3.8% abv)
Hand pulled cask session ale brewed locally in Masham, one of the longest established cask ales in Yorkshire

Heineken 0% - £3.70

Cider Bottles

Old Mout Ciders £4.20
- Berries & Cherries
- Kiwi & Lime
- Passionfruit & Apple
- Strawberry & Pomegranate

Non Alcoholic Berries & Cherries £4.00

Beer Bottles

Sol £3.70
The Mexican one served with Lime in the top

Holsten Pils £3.70
Classic German Pilsner

Erdinger 0% Alcohol Free £3.25
Wheat Beer from Germany

Newcastle Brown Ale £4.10
Traditional Brown Ale

Desperados £3.90

Birra Moretti £4.25


Please see our wine list

Soft Drinks

Please ask our staff for our long list of soft drinks

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